imagesZXM999B1Service Title: Risk Assessments and Health & Safety Policy
Duration: Written & delivered as quickly as possible
Fee: Dependant on time involved (Free quotes available)

Health & Safety legislation places a number of duties on employers. Failure to carry out these duties can result in fines and/or imprisonment. The fundamental principle is that every employer must take reasonable care of their own safety and the safety of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

Accidents can cost a great deal of money, especially when we take into account interruption to the work process, negative effect on quality & reputation, possible damage to the environment, and of course there is the potential for massive legal costs and fines should the accident lead to a court case.

Many case studies have demonstrated the difference between insured costs and uninsured costs are often between 8 and 36 times greater than the cost of insurance premiums.

As a business owner or manager you are required by various Acts of Law to have a Health & Safety Policy in place along with a set of Risk Assessments for the tasks that are carried out within work place.

This is a very onerous task if you do not have experience in writing polices or risk assessments or in deed the time.

Our process:
We offer a free initial visit to your property to make an assessment of the time & costs involved in producing your policies & risk assessments. This quote will be made in writing for you to consider and if you engage us to carry out your assessments we revisit your property to carry out the detailed study required to produce your documents.

Once all your policies & assessments have been written and printed, we return to your property to deliver them to you. We spend time to talk you through the documents so that you have the knowledge to put them in place and keep the up to date

We return to your property annually or at a time of major change to review your documents, to allow changes to be made and to ‘sign them off’ for another year. This whole process shows ‘due diligence’ to your companies Health & Safety.