Service Title: Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment
Duration: Approx. ½ hour per Workstation
Fee per Workstation: £80DSE1

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is a device or equipment that has an alphanumeric or graphic display screen, regardless of the display process involved; it includes both conventional display screens and those used in laptops, touch-screens and other similar devices.

The DSE assessment takes a holistic, ergonomic approach to the working environment including:

  • The display screen equipment itself
  • The office chair
  • The desk and workstation layout
  • The tasks carried out by the individual
  • The flexibility of the individual
  • Existing illness / injuries

Our process:
We visit to your property to carry out the DSE assessment for each workstation required. It will take approx. 20-30 mins per workstation

A full report will be sent to you for each workstation assessed detailing any postural changes advised to the DSE user so that you are aware of what they have been told. It will also state any environmental changes suggestions.

It is advised that a DSE risk assessment is reviewed regularly (at least every 2 years), if there is reason to suspect the assessment is no longer valid or there has been significant change.