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Before the assessment begins
Follow all instructions given by the Trainer
Hold your photographic identification (national ID card, driver’s licence or passport) up to the camera
Make sure you are ready to complete the assessment on a PC or laptop
Use your smartphone/tablet to do a 360° scan of the room
Position your smartphone/tablet behind you so your screen is clearly visible
Ensure you are in a quiet room on your own
Make sure your video/audio is working correctly
Make sure all other devices not being used are turned off/on silent to avoid disruption
Recommendation – disconnect all other devices not being used from your
WiFi to avoid connectivity issues
During the assessment
Keep your microphone switched on at all times
Raise your hand if you need assistance (for example, have a technical problem)
Click on the circle next to the answer you think is correct for each question
If you want to change your answer, click on the alternative circle instead
Use the “Next page” and “Previous page” to scroll through the questions
Use the “Flag question” function if you want to highlight a question to return to later
Press “Finish attempt” and then “Submit all and finish” when you have completed the assessment

Cheat in any way
Look away from the screen
Use the computer for any other purpose during the assessment
Attempt to navigate away from the assessment
Leave the room (unless absolutely necessary)
Use any other unapproved device during the assessment, e.g. smart watch
Have reference material or any other learning aids in the assessment room
Communicate with anyone (other than the Trainer) during the assessment
Seek clarification on any of the questions. The Trainer is not allowed to help you
Compromise the security of the assessment in any way
Breaking any of these rules may invalidate your assessment!